The Journey Begins – An Introduction

I’ve been wanting to start this blog for several months now. It seems there is some misinformation out there in the “pain” world, so I figured it would be useful to cover topics to help inform the public (especially in the wake of the opioid crisis).

A little bit about me: I am a Clinical Psychologist in Colorado and I work at a pain clinic providing mental health services. I primarily help people psychologically cope with pain and associated symptoms of depression or anxiety. I also see a number of people with PTSD from car accidents.

My goal in starting this blog is to educate on mental health issues, pain management, and provide as many resources as possible to help people in need.

A disclaimer: This is not going to be written as a research paper or peer-reviewed article. Rather, my writing style will be simple with some humor (albeit potentially bad humor). Throughout this blog, I may include links to articles, books, or apps. Please be aware that I do not get paid to provide any of these recommendations or resources. I am also not representing the company I work for my writing this blog. This is purely independent.